The Wilco Wallet An Android Crypto Hot Wallet

The Wilco Wallet An Android Crypto Hot Wallet

Today I am interviewing Mark Hopkins who you may know as Dr. Bitcoin, and we are talking about the Wilco Wallet which is an Android Hot Wallet.

By the way this is not a paid promotion, Mark is just a good friend of mine and I wanted to help get the word out about his Roger Wilco Wallet.

Thanks for joining Hall Of Fame Podcaster Gary Leland on 4 Minute Crypto.

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One thought on “The Wilco Wallet An Android Crypto Hot Wallet

  1. Ross Alisha says:

    Hi, Thank you for the Review. I’m a newbie when it comes to cryptocurrency and your website really helped me alot. I want to invest on some top altcoins, as of now I have LTC, Dash,Doge, XPR and BTC. Based on your review above, I think I can use exodus as my wallet but i just have a quick question. It’s alright to uninstall and reinstall it to a different computer/laptop right? and can it be downloaded and open simultaneously to two different computers? I’m sorry , i’m really noob.

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